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Michael D. Weinstein


Michael D. Weinstein

Michael D. Weinstein, the seasoned owner of Michael D. Weinstein Attorney at Law, has been a respected figure in the legal community since his admission to the Massachusetts Bar in 1984, and subsequently the New York Bar in 1985. With a longstanding presence in Westchester County since the fall of 1985, and the ability to practice in Florida, he brings a wealth of experience and legal acumen to his clients. His admissions extend to the New York State Bar Association, Massachusetts Bar Association, Florida Bar Association, and the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York, as well as the Westchester County Bar Association. Michael's practice is distinguished not only by his expertise in various legal fields but also by his affiliation with experts in complex corporate litigation, personal injury, mass tort litigation, and corporate and bio-tech licensing issues. His law office, based in Tarrytown, NY, near White Plains, and proximate to Putnam and Rockland Counties, serves a broad clientele across the metro-NY area. Offering free consultations, Michael D. Weinstein Attorney at Law stands as a beacon of legal guidance, professionalism, and dedicated service.


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