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Max Michael Rosenfield

The Max Michael Rosenfield Foundation stands as a living tribute to the remarkable spirit of a young boy whose life was marked by extraordinary empathy and a profound understanding of the human heart. Max was a beacon of friendship and inclusion, dedicated to ensuring no one ever felt left out, and he embodied the purest form of kindness. His enthusiasm for life was evident in everything he pursued, from his passion for sports to his altruistic endeavors like collecting soda tops to support charitable causes. The Foundation, inspired by Max's profound insights into life and his unwavering spirit of giving, is dedicated to extending his legacy. It focuses on enabling children of all abilities to relish the joys of childhood, fostering philanthropic initiatives that have a tangible, positive impact on young lives, and spreading the same unconditional goodwill and love that Max showed to everyone he encountered. The Max Michael Rosenfield Foundation is more than an organization; it's a celebration of Max's life, a continuation of his acts of friendship, service, and community, keeping his spirit alive in the best way possible.


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