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Indigo Health and Wellness LLC

At Indigo Health and Wellness, Joanne Witmyer is the cornerstone of a practice dedicated to guiding individuals toward the apex of their well-being, with a particular expertise in navigating the waters of change management. Through personalized consulting and tailor-made group workshops, she imparts valuable knowledge on pivotal topics like stress reduction and energy enhancement. Joanne's credentials as a certified nutritional health coach and an adept recreational cooking instructor enrich her workshops, offering a holistic approach to wellness. Her business acumen, armed with an MBA and seasoned by her corporate experience in fostering employee well-being, equips her with the unique ability to support individuals in achieving a harmonious work-life balance. As a thought leader, Joanne contributes enlightening insights to The Examiner through her monthly column "Nourish," and she also shares her expertise in various articles, advocating wellness strategies that not only transform diets but also life perspectives. At the heart of her practice lies the 'Nourish' program— a testament to her belief in the transformative power of healthy food coupled with self-care.


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